Tribute To Garnet Silk by Black Sabbath Sound [Mixtape]

Download full mixtape Mp3Black Sabbath Sound presents a tribute mix[By: Wadadah] for the I-tribution Garnet Silk put forward into Jah’s Music. Music for the “people.” Because “music is the ROD and we are Moses” and we must not make music a competition but know its a MISSION. Blessed Earth-Light Iya, Rest In Power/Paradise/Peace Garnet Silk.


01. Intro

02. Chant

03. Reasoning

04. Lion Heart

05. Complain

06. A Man Is Just A Man Ft. Tony Rebel

07. Reasoning

08. Give I Strength

09. Love Is The Answer

10. Reasoning

11. Music Is The Rod

12. Bless Me

13. Fill Us Up With Your Mercy

14. Splashing Dashing

15. Love

16. Jah Jah Is The Ruler

17. Reasoning

18. Zion In A Vision

19. Christ In His Kingly Character

20. Every Knee Shall Bow Ft. Charlie Chaplin

21. Taking Advantage

22. Fight Back Ft. Richie Stephens

23. Onward Soldiers Ft. Tony Rebel

24. Reasoning

25. Watch Over Our Shoulders

26. Mama Africa

27. Like A Mother To Me

28. Mama

29. Oh Me Oh My

30. Nothing Can Divide Us

31. Everything I’ve Got

32. It’s Growing

33. Reasoning

34. Judge Not

35. Reasoning

36. Slave

37. Keep Them Talking

38. Reasoning

39. Spread The Love

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