Twelve Houses Reportedly Firebombed In Kingston Leaving 24 Homeless

Twelve houses were reportedly firebombed in Olympic Way, Kingston 11 early Tuesday morning.

The St. Andrew South police are said to be investigating the incident which saw the firebombing of several houses at White Wing, Olympic Way, Kingston 11.

Police report that molotov cocktails were thrown on the structures. Twelve houses in total were destroyed.

The fire left nine children and fifteen adults homeless. They are seeking help to rebuild.

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Black on black crimes. We fight each other. If this is how we deal with each other then why complain when we are being oppressed by folk other than ourselves? Look how wi wicked to wi one another? HUH? Wickedness

No sah

Oh gosh.. No words to describe such a senseless act..

Thank you!! Sigh …

Bet say a some bleach out face boy do DAT, kmt