Twins of Twins Warn Impersonators As Individuals Steal ‘Ankle Socks’ Name

Dancehall duo Twin of Twins is asking selectors to ignore unscrupulous individuals who are claiming to be Ankle Socks, who is a fictitious character in their most recent CD Stir It Up Volume 10. According to the twins, at least two persons have claimed that somebody has approached them under the name Ankle Socks, while seeking to sell jingles.

Patrick Gaynor who spoke to The STAR says, give us our props.

“We heard from more than one person that somebody is saying that they are Ankle Socks, but don’t say that because we made that character. Just give Twin of Twins their props if you admire the work, and don’t try to pretend that you are a literal character,” he said.

According to the twins, several of the characters are based on the personalities of real people, examples being Jah Mikes, Big Wayne, Bounty Killer, Mutabaruka, Mr Adams among others. However, other characters like Ankle Socks are fictitious.

“Because of the attention and the success that Big Wayne got out of the CD, people are hoping to get the same success. So I guess that is why they are trying to mimic a character,” he said.

Twin of Twins also took the opportunity to clear up misconceptions pertaining to the originators of certain popular slangs.

“A we first sey ‘I are the one’ Bounty Killer never said that in his life until we sey dat on our CD. ‘Wah duh man yah man’ by Big Wayne – a we sey dat on the CD. Plus other slangs with Julian and so forth, so don’t mek mistake and think the slangs were made by the real characters, it’s all Twin Of Twins,” Gaynor said.

The artiste says the success of the latest CD has already got them tour dates.

“We are getting a lot of calls from local promoters. We have our US, tour starting on Monday; we also have an Africa tour coming up, so the summer is going be busy. The success of the CD is overwhelming because it has only been released for a little over two weeks and we have tours coming out of it,” he said.

Twin of Twins also revealed that their tour will carry both dancehall and comedy displays. Some popular scenes from the CD will also be re-enacted live onstage.
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