Usain Bolt will avoid London’s Olympic stadium later this year (Grand Prix )

World fastest man Usain Bolt will avoid London’s Olympic stadium later this year, the sight of last summer’s triple gold medal haul.The London Aviva Grand Prix, a part of the Diamond League series will not be enough to lure the Olympic champion back to British shores as such an appearance would come with a hefty price tag. Were Bolt to race at the London Grand Prix on July 27, half his appearance fee would be taken by the taxman along with 10% of his global earnings.

At last summer’s Olympics, where Bolt won gold in the 100, 200 and 4×100 metres, there was a tax amnesty.

On Thursday, UK Athletics announced that the Olympic Stadium would host the London Grand Prix, part of the Diamond League series, instead of Crystal Palace.

The date of the July 27 meeting is significant as it will make it exactly one year since the opening ceremony of London 2012. It also comes two weeks prior to the start of the World Championships in Moscow.

The athlete’s manager Ricky Simms defended the decision, saying: “Would you run if it cost you a couple of million dollars?”


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