Usain Bolt’s interview After Destroying Justin Gatlin, 2015 Beijing [Video]

Watch Usain Bolt JAM 100m After Destroying Justin Gatlin Final Gold WHC 2015 Beijing. Usain Bolt 9.79 beat Justin Gatlin 100m IAAF World Championship Beijing 2015.
They both got off to brilliant starts, though perhaps Gatlin’s wasn’t as good as his previous ones. For most of the 100m, they were pretty much matched stride for stride but it is the finish that was really key. From about 15m out, Gatlin could see Bolt alongside him and he completely crumbled under the pressure. He started to shake and over-stride and he dipped far too early and he lost it. Gatlin will never get a better chance to beat Bolt and he has blown it and we are all probably delighted that he did.

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