Vegas Sends Strong Message To People Making Negative Comments On Girl Beaten With Machete

Gospel singer Mr. Vegas is receiving high praises from social media users following his initiative to seek out and interview the mother from the viral ‘cutlass wielding’ video.

Mr. Vegas was initially against the mother’s action when the video first surfaced on social media. However, after learning of the lovely person Doreen Dyer is from the community and through an interview with her on his Facebook Live programme, MV Corner, on Wednesday Mr. Vegas has now taken a softer stance.

“A lot of people out there condemning Miss Doreen. A lot of people angry, which is understandable. If Miss Doreen were to see someone handling their child in that manner she would be angry too, but we’re all humans,” he said in the interview.

“I’m begging the judge from now to have some mercy on Miss Doreen and let her repair whatever is or was broken with her family. People will learn from their mistakes. We all deserve second chances.”

Mr Vegas said that while he does not support the mother beating her child with a cutlass, he does not believe jail is the best solution for the family.

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