Vin Diesel Takes Side With The Rock In Fast & Furious Feud With Tyrese Gibson

The team from the Fast and Furious franchise has taken a break from racing cars to embark on a social media war of words.

Tyrese Gibson, 38, lashed out at Johnson (The Rock), 45, on social media last week after it was announced Johnson’s “Fast and Furious” spinoff would come out before “Fast and the Furious 9,” accusing Johnson and his Seven Bucks Productions partner Hiram Garcia of “breaking up the ‘Fast’ family.”

“Fast 9” was pushed back from an April 19, 2019 release, to April 10, 2020, while Johnson and “Fast” alum Jason Statham‘s spinoff is now set for a July 26, 2019 release.

Diesel, 50, showed solidarity with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Johnson’s feud with Tyrese Gibson, despite having his own feud with the former WWE star last year.

Tyrese took to Instagram to candidly pin the blame for the Fast 9 move on Johnson, accusing the actor of hogging the spotlight.

Then in another post, Gibson went so far as to claim that he and others were offered a spinoff years ago and turned it down to keep the family together.

Tyrese’s doing everything he can to prove The Rock is a piece of s*** … by posting a 2015 video of The Rock calling his album “dog s***.”

The singer also posted a video on Instagram Wednesday in which The Rock UNLOADS tons of crap on Tyrese’s album, “Black Rose.” The 2-year-old video and recent post is just the latest in the insane Tyrese-Rock feud over accusations Rock’s a selfish co-star.

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him must feel like a suck out bag juice

Kmt really??? Can’t take this feud u guys r all great actors I love seeing u all in movies even in fast n furious!! Y d feud now?? Come on guys

I love Tyrese.. he’s my best male actor/singer And all my friends can attest to that but he can be selfish self-centered bitch at times who thinks the world rotates around him

Tyrese you’re the man let dogs bark

What the heck this has to do with black, Tyrese is a corrupted jeolous freak , why hating the man because success is on his side the only reason why Tyrese behaving like this is because he want fast and furious 9 to come out in 2019 so he can… Read more »