Wally British donates over $150, 000 to aid in back-to-school preparations

Vlogger, comedian and event host Wally British has given a number of kids from across the island reasons to smile this summer, as she has donated over $150, 000 in cash prizes to aid in their back-to-school preparations.

In early July, the entertainer, born Susan Williams, took the decision to launch a back-to-school competition to help some of the island’s less fortunate students, who demonstrated high levels of academic performance. After a month-long process of elimination, those with the biggest smiles were Jadea Williams, who won the first prize of $40,000; Cedric Jones, who was second and copped just over $20,000, and third-place finisher Rheanna Kerr, who won just over $10,000.

Nine other students each received a cash prize of $10, 000. The fortunate recipients collected their winnings recently during a meeting with British at Hope Gardens, where she gave the youngsters words of encouragement.

The students were selected from 12 of the island’s 14 parishes and were chosen by the entertainer’s 51,000 Facebook fans. On July 6, she asked the fans to name their favourite primary school from each parish.

Representatives from the schools were then asked to select a student who was good academically, but from a poor economic background. Each student was then asked to post a video on her Facebook page saying why they should be the ones to receive the top prize.

In the end, Williams from Chapelton All-Age in Clarendon, Jones from Fyffe’s Pen Primary in St Elizabeth, and Kerr from Lucea Primary copped the top three prizes.

British explained, however, that her fans suggested that the remaining students should also get something. So with contributions from ‘good Samaritans’ Faith Ebanks and Sophia Manning, and from many of her Facebook fans, she was able to give the other students cash prizes.

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