Whitmore Resigned After 'Reggae Boyz' Fourth Consecutive Defeat

Jamaica’s Football Federation President, Captain Horace Burrell, believes there was no alternative but for former head coach of the Reggae Boyz, Theodore Whitmore, to relinquish his post following the poor string of results that were suffered by the team, the latest a 2-0 lost to Honduras on Tuesday night. The result marked a fourth consecutive defeat that was suffered by the Boyz in six games played to date in the final phase of the CONCACAF 2014 World Cup Qualifying (WCQ) campaign. The team is at the base of the hexagonal table with a mere two points. “Following a string of poor performances by our national team, where we’ve played six matches so far; we have two points, we have two goals and stemming from the last performance, which was last (Tuesday) night, another result which could’ve been considered poor,” Captain Burrell said at a brief press conference held in Honduras prior to the team’s departure. “I requested a meeting with coach Whitmore. The meeting was called at 0100 hours and following that meeting coach Whitmore took the decision to tender his resignation. Having tendered that resignation, I accepted.” Burrell, however, took the opportunity to thank Whitmore and pointed out that being a young coach he tried his best, but recent results were just too poor to ignore. “The federation felt strongly that the poor results, which we have experienced over the past six games, we felt that certainly they were not good enough,” Captain Burrell said. A coach’s tenure depends on the results. “Coach Whitmore has gained tremendous experience and there are other areas in which that experience can be used. But as it relates to the Reggae Boyz team coach Whitmore has resigned as the head coach and will resign from that unit.” Burrell did not reveal who will be in charge of the team for the remaining four games left in the campaign, with still mathematically in with a slim chance of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup.

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