Who Is GazaRedz ?

Shannon aka GazaRedz has emerged as a leading consultant in the global Dancehall community. Based in Ontario, Canada the young CEO started to embrace Dancehall whilst a high school student. In 2008, Shannon started to evaluate the business aspect of the genre and began exploring opportunities in the industry. This period was at the height of the Gully/Gaza feud and Shannon made contact with members of the Gaza family. Since then, she has extended her reach to the entire Dancehall fraternity though she was given the name Gaza Redz.

As Shannon’s experience and list of contacts grew, she created SnoWhite Productions and the company quickly became a growing player in the Dancehall business from their stronghold in Ontario. Party promotions, dub-plate facilitation, Public Relations, Marketing, Mix-Tape Distribution and just about any service for a serious Dancehall entity are the many offerings by SnoWhite Productions. The year 2013 seems to be the year when “SnoWhite” will be recognized as a global player as the business that the company attracts and its product diversification keeps growing.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @MsGAZARedz


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