Woman Seen Beating Her 12 year Old Daughter With Machete Expected To Be Charged

The 44-year-old unemployed woman who was seen on video beating her 12-year-old daughter with a machete in St. Thomas has been transferred to the Morant Bay Police Station in the parish.

A crowd had gathered on Sunday night at the Bath Police Station where she was being held initially, following her arrest, reports.

The woman and her daughter were questioned by the police and officers from the Child Development Agency (CDA).

It is expected that the woman will be charged with cruelty to a child.

“It is something that continues to be a problem… What we are seeing is that there are unabated instances of persons who do not know how to deal with children, intervening in matters that could be dealt with in a much different way, and really bringing more harm to these children than good,” Said Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison

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I am not in agreement with how this mother handled whatever the matter was but I think incarceration is not the answer both victim and perpetrator will suffer/be hurt more. The underlying issues need to be addressed. (conflict resolution, unemployment, self worth, possible absentee father and the list goes on)!… Read more »

Beat her to senses but not with the cutlas. She need to see a professional for councling.teacher use to beat picking with fan belt and whale up them skin and nothing come come out it.

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N still in pain

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