Woman who Captured Tremayne Brown Rescue Video Wants Her fair Recognition

The person who claims to have captured the now viral video of Tremayne Brown heroics in saving Renaldo Reynolds from being swept to sea last Friday wants the public to know that she was the one that recorded the footage.

Her name is Chrissane Clarke a 25-year-old teacher employed to Caribbean Maritime Institute, who lectures at the Hydel location.

In an interview with the Star Clarke said she was urged by family members and friends to let it be known as other persons are trying to lay claim to the video.

According to Clarke she is not interested in monetary compensation but only wants persons who posted the video on social media to give her credit for it.

“Of course, I want the persons sharing the video to credit me because a my video. Mi shoulda copyright it because a my video,” she said jokingly.

“Mi nuh need no reward. The person who a get the reward a di man dem weh do the deed. Dem deserve it,” she adds.

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Well done thank u girl. Cause many would not av known what happened, like mi self yah… So credit due…. top her up flow or digicel it’s called awareness, she put it out there for us to see. So no need for negative comments she did what she could maybe… Read more »

Didn’t she said props she didn’t say money she just want everybody say thanks to her for making it go viral.

People chronix say do it fi di luv nuh dweet fi the likes. We need to start showing love to each other and be more considerate. Be less concern about the likes you will get on Facebook

Woman go 1 side bou fair share

We appreciate your effort for doing that video and uploading same. That is the only medium through which this has gone viral so quickly. It was not done by any of the recognized media houses. God bless and He will recognize you.