Women dominate clash night – Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall

Everyone anticipated two major clashes, but only the women lived up to expectations on Saturday’s staging of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. the men ended the show on a disappointing note.

At the event held at D’Entrance, Constant Spring Road, the excitement was high from the start when it was announced that Konfydence and Jah Bouks were eliminated, and Sassy Silva would go up against Charlene Skylar, and Payne would clash Jonnah.

short comments

The remaining contestants performed two songs, but all interest seemed to lie in the clashes scheduled to follow. The stage was set by the short comments from the judges, including Ninja Man, who, on numerous occasions, said he only wanted to see the clash.

The first clash would come with Charlene Skylar and Sassy Silva. Sassy’s lyrics were sharp and biting when she said, “di way yuh chaka chaka, million caan fix yuh”. But Charlene would not be outdone and said, “Sassy Silva yuh a just rhymer, mi a di real lyricist inna dis.”

The women went head-to-head and were applauded for their strong efforts.

“Unuh need fi go and check unuh self ’cause mi caan believe a two woman a behave so. Mi nah seh who win, but mi just a big up di two a unuh fi keep it clean and real,” Skatta said.

Miss Kitty added, “Sassy, mi nah tek nutten from yuh, but Charlene yuh come out swinging.”

Ninja Man was just as excited, saying, “bwoy Sassy mi seh mi ago sign yuh but mi haffi go sign the two a dem. Yuh (Charlene) bad like 10 boom.” He also encouraged Sassy to improve on her breathing.

annoyed and unresponsive

However, the men were extremely disappointing from the start of their clash, with the audience appearing bored, annoyed and unresponsive throughout. The atmosphere was completely different from the near pandemonium when the women clashed each other.

After their lacklustre showing, Skatta said, “hold on, a dollyhouse we come. Di two a unuh need fi go check unuh self, everybody disappointed, mi lose yaa man.”

Miss Kitty added, “a nuh di war dis, di two a unuh come een like two comic strip without the writing. Tonight unuh bring out the worse.”

The situation was so bad that Professor Nuts suggested that he clash with Ninja Man to show the male contestants how it should be done. After an impromptu song, from Professor Nuts, Ninja Man responded with a war song of his own.

Before doing his performance, Ninja Man went as far as to tell the audience that they should “tek back dem vote deh weh unuh vote fi di man dem and vote fi di woman dem”.

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