www.sym-magazine.com promotions presents ‘Dear Jesus’ A London webseries

Produced by Jamaican film producer and writer Danielle Scott-Haughton, this series brings nothing but entertainment and laughter…. ‘Dear Jesus’ explores one’s faith and patience in spirituality, with some twits and unexpected turns, ‘Dear Jesus’ delivers nothing but real life situations. You may watch season one on our homepage log on to www.sym-magazine.com

March 2013 Season 2 will feature ‘Star Boy’ book series, written by Tilsa C. Wright in a few episodes. ” I am excited about this opportunity that Danielle has agreed to do for my book. I truly fell in love with this project from it first premiered in September!”

Check out Sym-Magazine interview with Danielle Scott-Haughton http://www.sym-magazine.com/article/%E2%80%98dear-jesus%E2%80%99-thank-you-establishing-me-writer-director-and-producer-year

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