Yanique Responds To Christians That Believes She Attracts ‘Sex Demons’ With Her ‘Dressing’

TV personality turned-dancehall artiste Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett has again come under criticism from ‘Christians’ on social media, who believe she needs to repent and begin to seek Christ.

Following a post on her Instagram which shows her dressing skimpy as she poses beside an ATM machine, she attacked claiming she’s attracting “sex demons”.

However, Yanique have hit back at her critics saying they should give her a break and not judge her.

“Sometimes, they just need to give me a break. They are too hard, and sometimes things nuh called for. I have a relationship with God. I grew up Adventist, so regardless of being a dancehall artiste, I’ll always have that connection with God. I go to Church, but it’s not even about going to Church, it’s more about having a relationship with God. I pray before I go on a dancehall stage, and knowing that I have a relationship where I can call on God is more important to me than saying I’m a Christian or not.” She said in an interview with the Star.

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Why unnu Christians nuh guh worry bout d how much belly dem weh a dash weh inna Jamaica, d crime rate, d mount a children weh a born outta wedlock, d amount a pastor weh a molest d various children, cheating on their wives and vice versa and d gal… Read more »

my thing is …IN AS MUCH AS iM NOT A FAN OF HERS…..How does it affect them? just pray for her if you are that concerned …shut up and move on