YardHype features Jamaican Dancehall act “JEMINEYE”

Music is the easiest means to express, but since words are my talent, Imust try to express clumsily in words what pure music would have construed.

Jason Johnson is one of the prevalent talent born reggae and dancehall songster and recitalist who has achieved an all-inclusive recognision when reggae and dancehall are the topics of confab. Widely branded as Jemineye,a twenty eight year old native of May Pen, Clarendon in Jamaica engendered an affection for music right from the genesis of life.

He has been expressing himself musically from his primary school days being a member of his school choir. As artistic as he was, he put his first song on a paper at a juvenile stage in school. According to Jemineye, he hasn’t kept in memory the tally of songs he has recorded but can boast of a triple digit number of songs.

Jemineye divulged to hellogh.com on an online interview that, he got a chronicle of his first song at an early age of twelve on a multi-component radio set with a hand held microphone.”I recorded two songs,one a burn out the eating of a pork which I still don’t do today and the other ,a song about a girl played by badmind girls who steal her clothes off the clothes lines.

Just two fun topics a 12 year old will come up with”; he cackled.He won the premium award of 2006 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition.He also made it known that ,his motive for the choice of music was to let the talent out of him to bless lives with his music after being signed on to Ashtrack Records and Dreswade Productions.

The fast-rising and assiduous reggae/dancehall talent typically ‘trademarked’ for his sensational music have featured local Jamaican artistes comprising Bumpie Road, Dreswade,Kozmik Consciousnezz,Israel Yadalfi, Ras Aakkurat, Strykk, Iceberg and a few to mention. Again, he has blessed the same stage with acts such as Hezron, Agent Sasco, Alkaline, Macha Diamond, Ras Shiloh, Silver Cat, Koshen and many more. He went on to express his love for African dancehall by disclosing his intention of featuring some African dancehall acts including Jupitar due to his dancehall vibes and candidness shown to upon his approach.He never left out Ghanaian acts namely; Stonebwoy, Shattawale,Vybrant Faya,Shatta Rako, Aksongstress and Wiyaala as he confirmed his love for these acts and his intentions to work on a song with them some time to come.

I, Jullie Jay-Kanz stand to be corrected on the evidence that Jemineye rates dancehall made in Ghana than any other African country as evidenced by first and foremost signing a Ghanaian as his promoter and desiring to feature Ghanaian dancehall acts on his songs depicting that he really follows and appreciate the Ghanaian dancehall world.

After a lengthened and interesting period of interviewing, Jemineye let the cat out of the bag about the unleashing of an EP on his impending birthday which is very imminent (30TH MAY). This EP is set to serve as a present to all his fans across the globe which will inturn serve as a reward to himself on such special day of his life. The tally of songs on the EP ,for now has been kept secret for a surprise; he uttered.

When good music hits you,you feel no pain but gains a feeling of healing. I don’t just construct stanzas but my music is life related and practical.Fighting Struggles and Thin Line say it all. Everyone should anticipate something spectacular from this EP the Jamaican reggae/dancehall futuristic articulated and concluded.
Happy Birthday Jemineye, the world shall surely manifest your inspiration.


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