YardHype Features John Brown’s Body new album, ‘Kings And Queens In Dub

‘John Brown’s Body proves once again that they are one of the leaders in the development of American reggae.’ Top Shelf Reggae

US reggae hotshots John Brown’s Body return with their brand new album ‘Kings And Queens In Dub’, out on 6th April via Easy Star Records.

Two years after releasing the Billboard Reggae Chart-topping ‘Kings And Queens’, John Brown’s Body are back with an enthralling dub-driven reworking of the hit album.

Taking inspiration from landmark dub albums by Burning Spear, Aswad, and others, the new release features the entire sequence from ‘Kings And Queens’, mixed by a who’s who of dub champions including Ticklah, Dubmatix and UK reggae legend Dennis Bovell.

From the opening track ‘People In The Light Dub’, it is clear to see why John Brown’s Body are renowned as being modern innovators of the genre, with a piercing fanfare-like horn section powering its way through the mix of heavy reverbs and thumping basslines. Mesmerizing delays and choked offbeat guitars are a signature of the JBB sound, and ‘Kings And Queens In Dub’ has all these qualities in abundance, and then some.

It is obvious throughout the album the influence the likes of Scientist and King Tubby have had on their music – as well as UK reggae gurus Dennis Bovell, Yesking and Aswad. ‘Gallows Pole Dub’, remixed by Bovell himself, demonstrates all the characteristics of a classic UK dub tune – highlighting the universal love and admiration of the genre.

Album highlight ‘Land of Plenty Dub’ features none other than Brooklyn-based producer extraordinaire Ticklah – most famously known for his work with Mark Ronson. Ticklah also boasts production credits for the likes of UK superstars Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, proving his true clout within the music industry circle.

‘Kings And Queens In Dub’ is yet another vital cog in the JBB machine, with the latest release adding immense value to their already explosive back catalogue. 20 years on since the band’s formation, John Brown’s Body continue to impress with their ability to craft thumping dub anthems.




1. People In The Light Dub (dubbed by Dubfader of 10 Ft Ganja Plant)
2. Give Up The Ghost Dub (dubbed by Jay “Double Tiger” Spaker)
3. Worldwide Dub (dubbed by Dubfader)
4. Sound And Fury Dub (dubbed by Dubmatix)
5. Seneca Dub (dubbed by Dubfader)
6. Fracture Dub (dubbed by Dubmatix)
7. Pulsing Dub (dubbed by Yesking)
8. My Guiding Dub (dubbed by Lord Echo of the Black Seeds)
9. Land Of Plenty Dub (dubbed by Ticklah)
10. Gallows Pole Dub (dubbed by Dennis Bovell)
11. Sweet Undertow Dub (dubbed by Michael G of Easy Star All-Stars)
12. Paint The Sky Dub (dubbed by Nate Silas Richardson)

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