Yardhype features ‘Kamouflage’… On his musical journey

Kamouflage 2016

In Jamaica each year several upcoming deejay artist emerges from different social background to fulfill their dreams of becoming a superstar, in this popular music culture called ‘Reggae/dancehall music’. One upcoming artist is Davian Bartley,whom over the years has become no stranger to the dancehall circuit . In fact, it was because of his love for this genre of music that he decided to pursue a career in this capacity.

From a very tender age, Bartley whose alma mater was Clarendon College, started to pen songs in the latter part of 4th form while at high school. It is no wonder that through regular observations of other aspiring artists in his community, competing in musical battles on the streets have strongly influenced his love for the music. Soon the alias ‘Kamouflage’ was born as he matures into the circle his music kindred to a soldier who possess a remarkable ability to transform, control, and accomplished their task, despite the given situation. By nature he is a militant individual with a dynamic personality which he transcends throughout the messages in his music, while portraying the culture of regular ‘grass root’ Jamaicans.

Kamouflage has been on and off on his musical journey but while the years passes he continued to practice his art growing in and learning about the industry circulating within the underground populace. As a result of this he is branded as the next lyrical genius, a musical governor who’s governance will definitely make a stamp in the near future.
He has proven that ‘beyond the sky is the limit’, as his songwriting skills continue to develop and intrigue his fans and has also gain him recognition from some established artist,whom has commission his service as a songwriter.

No stopping him,He is’armed and dangerous’
and is definitely a force to be reckon with as he welcomes *Banging Twanging* produced by Sounique records, another highly controversial track displaying the advantages and disadvantages of the lottery scam. Hes also set to release *Thug loving* showing another side of his diversity as the artiste prepares for his first EP.

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