YardHype Features… “KING TATIE”

King_TatieWhat do you call a beautiful young 16 year-old woman who has a 4.0 grade point average, and is a rapper/singer/songwriter/actress/model of Zimbabwean heritage from London, England?

Answer: King Tatie, of course.

Her legal name is Tatiana Chipondaminga, but she likes King Tatie because it sounds nice and it’s much easier to pronounce.

King Tatie is one of those special people who have been blessed with multiple talents and the discipline and wisdom to develop them. She was aware of her artistic leanings at an early age and her parents got professional training for her. She performed in competitions, talent shows and school productions when she was young and then decided that if she really wanted to get serious about any type of musical career she needed to go to Los Angeles, which she did.

She was invited to participate in The World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles and out of 70,000 contestants from 47 countries, King Tatie took home five medals for excellence in music, acting and modeling. Soon after that, she produced her first single and went on a promotional tour, which brought her to Zimbabwe. Her performance there astonished the audience and she was asked to do several commercials and interviews on radio and TV.

After the initial tour, King Tatie embarked on her first world tour in 2014. She performed in the U.S with Souljia Boy and then went on to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Ireland, where she played at the YouBloom Music Festival and then went to her Home country of England, where she was welcomed with smiling faces and standing ovations at the Southburgh Music Festival.

Besides music and singing/ songwriting, King Tatie has a few other interests. She loves school and is an ‘A’ student. She has won awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement as well as awards for music and drama. She also wants other kids to like school, so she makes a point of performing at schools and talking to the kids about how important it is to stay in school. King Tatie doesn’t see why you can’t have good grades and a successful career at the same time. She feels that everything, including your dreams – can come true if you work hard enough.


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