Yardhype features Marvin Binns… Heart got ‘Bruises’ of Love

Recording artiste Marvin Binns has been riding the waves of success with his latest single, Bruises. The single produced by Black Magik Entertainment was recorded over two years ago but was released earlier this year. The single has been getting a lot of love from both the local and international market and Binns could be happier with the success.

“So far I have been getting a lot of love from all across the world and it is such a wonderful feeling. Everyone is pleased with the single and I am basking in the positive reviews”
Bruises is available for fee on the website www.blackmagikentertainment.com

The artiste who hails from the cool cool parish of Manchester first started his professional career back in 2002, then he was doing backing vocals for his twin brother.
Blessed with a soulful voice, and a charismatic personality, Binns could not have gone unnoticed. Iconic dancehall star Bounty Killer was one of the first to record collaboration with Marvin, that collaboration gave rise to the single Love Girls. Many more collaborations were to follow, including collaborations with American Hip Hop artistes. He also came into the focus of legendary producers Sly & Robbie, a privilege many headline acts would love to have.

Binns hints at some new releases that he will be putting out later this year and encourages everyone to look out for more good quality music to come.
“I am very busy working on a few more projects to be released soon. I have been working tirelessly to fill the demand for more good wholesome music. “


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