YardHype Features… Negus New Single “Independent Lady”

Songs dropping everyday, topics ranging from outlandish to simple: the music business in a nutshell. Dancehall meets Negus, the Canadian/Guyanese based singer, with his vocally superb uplifting anthem for women – entitled “Independent Lady”.

Music to entertain, music to educated.

What should be the norm yet many stray and get lost by the wayside.

“Ladies from you independent, yuh keep yourself clean, no problems,
Nuh mek di likkle boy dem wid no conscience, nuh mek du likkle fool dem style uno”

The experienced lyrical poet Negus teamed up with St. Ann’s youthful yet proven reggae producers Tevin Richards & Raynado Harrison. The pair have collaborated on numerous successful projects such as ” Be Wise & Concrete Jungle ”

How impactful is a pauper or beggar?

“Work hard fi yuh money,
Yuh have yuh independence and yah strive”.

Ladies be the captain of your own ship, steer yourself to independence.

“Work hard fi yuh paper,
Yuh nuh haffi lef dat fi later”.

Striving to inspire and entertain listeners’ the balance is easy yet hard to find: has Negus struck gold?

Visit YouTube for Negus’ latest single “Independent Lady”.

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