YardHype Features Rising Dancehall Artiste “Kemoy”

kemoyYardhype recently sat down with rising dancehall recording artiste Kemoy about his musical career and more, see what he had to say below! Plus listen to some of his new releases.

Interview Questions:
How did you get your name?
Where Are You From?
How long have you been doing Music and what cause you to start.
What is your Style of music?
Your Favorite verse?
Favorite dancehall Artiste?
Favorite Reggae Artiste?
Favorite Artiste you did a collaboration with?
Which Reggae/Dancehall Artiste have been most influential in your musical career?
Which artist would you like to do a collaboration with?
What’s next (Any new Project, Music video/single)?
What Keep You grounded (Things you do to relax/chill)
What do you miss/liked the most about Jamaica?
Where Do You See Your Self 3 years from now?
How do you usually come about your lyrics, right/freestyle?
What Are Your Views on the Current state of Dancehall And Reggae music?

……… Interview Answers ……..

My real name is Dwayne Daye, but when I was little I use to be around a lot of female company so my neighbors always called me a McCoy then my middle name happen to be keneil so they mixed the two to be “Kemoy”

I am from st.ann Jamaica but I moved to the United States around 2012-2013

As long as I can remember I’ve been infatuated with music but 2013 was when I first started recording seriously

My style of music doesn’t have a title but
I am all for the energetic part of music most times

I don’t have a favorite verse because all of them mean something different to me

My favorite dancehall artiste is vybz kartel

My favorite reggae artists are chronixx and romain Virgo

I would like to do a collaboration with vybz kartel , konshens,mavado or tommy lee but any artiste that want to collaborate , we can arrange that as well

A lot of artiste have an influential factor
On my upcoming career but vybz kartel has the most

The next projects in store is definitely
More music I am currently organizing a music collage entitled polygamy
Me and my team also planning to release music videos and vlogs

The thing I miss about Jamaica is the natural feeling I get because when I’m there I feel way more connected because it’s my place

In three years I see my self hopefully
Locking down Jamaica and having or looking forward to international attention

My lyrics are usually raunchy and very surprising but not too surprising
And writing lyrics is like a second nature to me

I believe dancehall/reggae is still fairly young
A lot of people is getting familiar with it and I want to form their own form of dancehall/natural but I believe we as,Jamaicans the creators of dancehall/reggae are suppose to cherish it and keep it going cause we were blessed with it

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