YardHype features rising young artiste "Jahmiel"

This week yardhype features Jahmiel. Jamiel Foster who started out as Culture Jamiel and now known as simply Jahmiel is a rising star in his own fame. Born August 30, 1992 in Portmore, St. Catherine he grew up with the love for music. He attended the Jose Marti Technical High School and is now pursuing his dreams as one of Jamaica’s finest artiste in the music industry. Jamiel yardhype feature reggae artiste From the age of four Jamiel’s father recognized his passion for music as he would always be singing to his own tunes and lyrics. His love for music grew listening to musicians such as: Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Junior Gong and Sizzla Kolangi just to name a few. YardHype recently asked Jamaiel some questions with regards to him and the music industry, below are his answers:

 Where Are You From?

I was raised in Portmore, St. Catherine and that’s also where the consciousness came in

 How long have you been doing Music and what cause you to start?

For me music is my inborn talent as my Dad would say, I have been doing it from the tender age of four, being influenced by no-one but doing it on my own making my own rhymes and deejaying. This is what the Most High wants me to do so that’s my reason for doing music.

 What is your Style of music?

Well I do both Reggae and Dance-hall music, preferable Reggae though.

 Favorite dancehall Artiste and why?

My favorite Dance-hall artiste would be Bounty Killer reason being he is someone who gives

younger talents a chance to showcase what they have to bring to the public unlike others who

forgot where they came from and the struggles they went through to become who they are. I

also admire his delivery in recoding. His footsteps are one to follow.

 Favorite Reggae Artiste and why?

Junior Gong most definitely because of his positive and conscious lyrical content, it’s as if he is teaching through his songs.

 What Keeps You grounded (Things you do to relax/chill)

Making music and chilling in a quiet a peaceful environment with scenery full of greenery, which gives me a relaxing state of mind.

 Which artiste(s) you would like to do collaboration with in the future and why?

Junior Gong because he’s my favorite reggae artiste. I’ve been listening to him for a very long time so that would be a dream come true to record with him.

• What do you miss/love the most about Jamaica?

The people of Jamaica are who I love the most, why? Jamaican are happy people, even when “The Pocket Na’av Nuh Shearer Fi Dah Year Yah”, we are forever grateful and straight forward people who never fails to tell you as is.

• Where Do You See Your Self 3 years from now?

I don’t know where Jah will place me at that time but for now I’m doing the hard work and hopefully it will bring a bright future.

• How do you usually come about your lyrics, write/freestyle?

I would normally freestyle my songs and write it at a later date for business purposes.

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