YardHype Features Trinidadian Journalist “Cherisse Moe”

Her story is as intriguing, fierce and beautiful as her sweet, sweet T & T born and bred looks and style. Cherisse, lovingly known as CHERI works relentlessly and is highly respected as a freelance journalist after working in numerous major media powerhouses all over the “Land of oil and music”. Cheri from her views on taking risks and “leaps of faith”, what is her favourite pastime to her featured, interviewed with a superstar that you maybe shocked that wasn’t her BEST experience to her travels to New York, Miami and her home away from, my home ST. MAARTEN.

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A woman truly after my own heart and inspiration, enjoy CHERI in this Q&A as her pleasant and convivial personality jumps at you through the page and into your heart, leaving you humming about this media jewel from The “Hummingbird” Island.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in sweet Trinidad.
Describe all the entrepreneurial hats that you wear. Which is your favourite?
I am a freelance journalist and have been in the media industry for the past 11 years. I started my career in television at Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT) as a trainee/junior reporter. I then worked in radio at WMJX 100.5FM as a senior news editor/ announcer and then at The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper as a Senior Features Reporter. I have since won several awards for my stories. I write features, news, news features and business articles; as well as bios and promotional articles for artistes and up and coming entrepreneurs…..I dabble in everything really as I am a well rounded writer. I also do articles for various local, regional and international magazines. I am a voice talent for radio and television advertisements. During my 2 year foray as a freelancer, I have covered assignments overseas in St Maarten, Jamaica and Miami. My own media company – What’s Trending Media and Marketing Company – is also in the works.

Although each experience has its pros and cons my favourite is probably print media because writing is my passion.

Trinidadian Journalist Cheri yardhype

What inspired you to become a journalist?
It’s kinda weird because growing up I wanted to be a lawyer or psychologist. The media sort of happened to me, but I realized a long time ago that it is exactly what I was meant to do. I cannot see myself doing an 8 to 4. God makes no mistakes.

You said you have been to St.Maarten and how it reminds you of HOME, how so?
Yes. I visited St Maarten for the first time two years ago to work as a media specialist alongside my friend and Bahamian freelance journalist, Inderia Saunders, to help coordinate and launch the very first technology center in the island called Computech. It was a great experience and I loved every minute of it. St Maarten has such a Trini vibe to it – From the warmth and friendliness of the people who you meet casually in the street, to the delicious food. I visited both the French and Dutch sides…but I must say the Dutch part of the island is my favourite.

“IF YOU DON’T TAKE RISKS, YOU WILL ALWAYS WORK FOR SOMEONE WHO DOES” What risks have you taken in your career that has placed you in a more successful position?
Life is all about taking risks… My biggest risk, thus far was leaving the Trinidad Guardian after 4 plus years to go it alone as a freelancer. At the Guardian (as it’s commonly called) I wrote on a myriad of topics including fashion, music, health and human interest. However, I felt the urge to do more to realise my full potential. Leaving a permanent job where my salary is sure at the end of the month was deemed ‘crazy’ by some of my peers but I did it anyway. I have learnt a lot. I have no regrets.

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Cheri Interviewing Chris Brown

You have stated that you loved interviewing Chris Brown, Lionel Richie, Maxi Priest and TNT HEART THROBS Kes and The Band, who haven’t you enjoyed interviewing and why?
I have interviewed so many local, regional and international personalities – some are very pleasant, others not so much. If I had to choose one person I didn’t enjoy interviewing would be Keyshia Cole. I covered her concert in Trinidad a few years ago and I went backstage to ask her some questions for my story and she wasn’t very accommodating. I don’t know, maybe she was tired or something??

What is your PERFECT “Lime”?
This always comes as a shock to many people, but I’m not a party person at all. I have covered so many events and fetes as a features reporter, but that’s just me doing my job. I prefer more laid back limes actually. My perfect lime will be anywhere with my close (crazy) friends just having fun with lots of laughter. I always say the company trumps the venue. Oh! And somewhere with plenty nice food…I love to eat!

In one word, explain how you feel about being a beautiful and a SUCCESSFUL Trinidadian woman

By: SharLisa Peterson
Source: http://www.caribbeanemagazine.com

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