YardHype Features.. Young Actress & Model “Shea Kimpton-Brown ”

Shea Kimpton-Brown, working alongside the A listers

Shea Kimpton-Brown is an amazing 12 year old girlShe_Kimpton_Brown Shea Kimpton-Brown is an amazing 12 year old girl who has taken to the stage. She is a model and actress who has been working from a very young age. Her amount of training is very impressive as she studied many places in both the UK and the US. Shea has studied at Talent INC. in the UK, Scott Cooper Talent INC. in the US, Make Believe Performing Arts, Celebrity Talent Academy, and many others.
Shea has not limited herself to only two talents; she also enjoys swimming, gymnastics, roller skating, and cycling. To be skilled at so many things is quite a feat; Shea is an extremely impressive young lady. Her accomplishments are as plentiful as her skills. Shea has worked heavily in the theatre arts. She has performed several leading roles. She has played Susan in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, which was performed at The Shaw Theatre in London in November of 2014. Shea also played the key role of Pepper in Annie at the Southill Park in June of 2012. These are just two of the leading roles she has played.
Agent and Director Dorinda Duncan has described Shea as “The next Dakota Fanning”. Which is a compliment that she is very deserving of. Shea continues to work dedicatedly as she moves swiftly from theatre performances to a starring role in a new television series. Good Guys Club is a new series coming to the US in 2015 star Shea as Suzy McMillan. Shea has said that she is extremely excited to be broadening her career and she is honored to be in this TV series. Shea and her family are moving to LA during 2015, and soon she will be a household name.


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