YardHype features “Drae Star” rising talent from out of Ocho Rios

This week yardhype raise some spotlight on “Drae Star” a rising dancehall/reggae talent from out of Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Yardhype sat down with Drae Star while vibing and asked him a few questions with regards to the music and his career, Below are the questions and answers.

Interview Questions

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How did you get your name?

Well my name was Drae all along but after awhile my friends started calling Drae Star so from there on Drae Star it is.

How long have you been doing Music and what cause you to start.

I have been doing music from ever since i can recall i use  to sing on the church choir back in the days i love music very much so i would say that music is the one who choose me.i wrote my first song when i was twelve.

What is your Style of music?

singing and dj.

Where Are You From?

Am fromo Ocho Rios Jamaica.

Favorite dancehall Artiste?


Which Reggae/Dancehall Artiste have been most influential in your musical career?



Which artist would you like to do a collaboration with?

I would love to do a collaboration with Mavado.

What’s next (Any new Project, Music video/single)?

Well am just working on a new single at this time,i haven’t done any videos as yet but soon i will.

What Keep You grounded (Things you do to relax/chill)

I love to be in perfect silence or just hang with a few friends that’s what keeps me grounded.

Where Do You See Your Self 3 years from now?

I see my self well establish out there in the world and touring as well and just making good music.

How do you usually come about your lyrics, right/freestyle?

I like to just sit down and write my lyrics.

What Are Your Views on the Current state of Dancehall And Reggae music?

My views on dancehall and reggae music now is i think that many of these artiste now should try to put out a better messages in their music somthing that people can relate to and feel comfortable in listen and playing the music anywhere at anytime.


Drae Star – Changes (July 2014) Cheema VIBEZ | Reggae | Dancehall

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