Yasus Afari Gets Threatened In Parliament After Refusing To Stand

Rastafarian musician and World-renowned dub poet Yasus Afari was this afternoon threatened with being thrown out of Gordon House for refusing to stand during the opening proceedings as is customary during sittings of the Houses of Parliament.

It is understood that the Speaker of the House, Pearnell Charles threatened to throw out Yasus Afari following his failure to stand up for the ceremonial Mace.

Fellow world-renowned dub poet Mutabarua was also present to witness the debate on the bill to expunge some of our National Heroes of their criminal records.

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Lol. A weh buhbuh shanty a du Inna palitrix!

If them nuh feel feh stand up them just nuh feel feh stand up.

Kmbct who them fi dash out them no dash out the man a rasta man and have different believes them should have respect it